Review: Meet You in the Middle

Meet You in the Middle


What happens when the person you find MOST impossible becomes impossible to resist? Opposites distract in this hilarious romantic comedy about America’s least likely couple.

There’s just one thing standing between liberal Senate staffer Kate Adams and passage of the landmark legislation she’s been fighting for all year: Ben Mackenzie, intimidating gatekeeper for one of DC’s most powerful conservative senators. After Kate and Ben lock horns in a meet-not-so-cute, they vow to take each other down–by any means necessary.

She thinks he’s arrogant (and doesn’t deserve those gorgeous green eyes). He thinks she’s too quick to judge (and irresistibly distracting). But as their endless game of one-upmanship becomes Kate’s favorite part of the day, she starts to wonder if her feelings for Ben are closer to attraction than animosity…and maybe their sparring is flirting. And when Kate realizes there’s more to Ben than meets the eye, she’s forced her to confront her biggest fear: In her sworn enemy, she may have found her perfect match. 

Rating: 4.5-stars


Meet You in the Middle by Devon Daniels is a hot debut novel. There is a lot of intense banters between two enemies. One on each side of the political spectrum. A democrat woman is needing to go through a republican man to get her side’s proposal back on the table. But he denies her request. Ben aggravates Kate like no other man does. His big frame and muscles self scares Kate. There is attraction from both of them. They feel it. Kate wants to deny it. Opposite sides makes them enemies not friends. The banters between is super fun. I enjoyed following their debates. Devon Daniels caught both political sides down perfectly. I love it! The characters’ personalities made this an even better reading material. Readers, you are in for a delight! Devon Daniels can write well. Her writing is full of intensity, passion, and humor. Oh, and the story is full of action-packed scenes.

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