Review: Sisters of War

Sisters of War


*The USA Today bestseller!*

‘A powerful and hard-hitting novel’ – Deborah Swift

A dark shadow is about to fall over the golden cupolas of Kiev…

As the Red Army retreats in the face of Hitler’s relentless advance across Eastern Europe, the lives of sisters Natasha and Lisa are about to change forever.

While Lisa’s plans to marry her childhood sweetheart turn to tragedy under the occupation, Natasha grows close to Mark, a Hungarian soldier, enlisted against all his principles on the side of the Nazis.

But as Natasha fights for the survival of the friends and family she loves, the war threatens to tear them apart.

The Story of Us is a powerful tale of love, loss, and the power of hope set in Kiev during the Second World War, perfect for fans of Kate Furnivall, Pam Jenoff, and V. S. Alexander.

What readers are saying about The Story of Us:
‘A really brilliant read’

‘Excellent research and a fascinating story’

‘Great story, definitely worth reading’

‘I was really drawn into the story and finished it in a few sittings, and would recommend it heartily.’

‘Brilliant story, from the start to finish just couldn’t put it down. Such a good author.’ 

Rating: 5-stars


Sisters of War by Lana Kortchik is a fascinating WWII novel. I was deeply immersed inside of this book. From the first page to the last, my attention was hooked. I felt the time period come alive among the pages. The intensity of the war and all the fears it caused were felt. I wanted to save all the characters. This book was focused in the Soviet Union. The people thought they would be safe from Hitler. Then, the cities around them fell to the Nazis and so did their city. The horror of it all was relived in this book. I cried so much. Pain, loss, danger, and hope were mixed together in every scene. The main characters were taking the situation in a day-by-day process. Thinking about the future…was too much to hope for if they all made it alive. Families were torn apart, friends were separated, innocent people shot and killed for no reason at all. Betrayal, secrets, and love all could be found in the impressive novel. I enjoyed this historical journey and recommend it to all readers.

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