Review: First Kiss with a Cowboy

First Kiss with a Cowboy (Silverado Lake, #1)


In this charming, sweet romance from bestselling author Sara Richardson, can a risk-taking cowboy convince a no-nonsense writer to give him a second chance?

Shy and sensible romance writer Jane Harding’s carefully ordered life is crumbling around her. With her latest novel due and her teaching contract at an end, returning home to help plan her best friend’s wedding is a welcome distraction. Yet when Jane discovers that the too-hot-to-handle boy who once tempted her is now the best man — and the rodeo circuit’s sexiest bull rider — her distraction is in danger of becoming a disaster . . .

Toby Garrett is no stranger to risk. But this latest injury could end his rodeo career for good. Thankfully, his recovery at home isn’t as awful as he’d imagined, especially when he comes face-to-face with Jane. The kiss they once shared still fuels his fantasies, but when she walked away, he let her go. Now Toby is determined to fix his mistakes. Can this sweet-talking cowboy prove that the passion still burning between them is worth braving the odds?

Rating: 5-stars


First Kiss with A Cowboy by Sara Richardson is by far the greatest summer romance I have read. Her story is filled with plenty of humor, intense heat coming off from both characters, bubbling romance, and the reality of being a writer. The female protagonist is a shy woman who has hidden her identity as a famous writer from everyone. Soon after she comes home, she is dealing with coming up with a new book. She needs inspiration fast. First, there’s her friend’s wedding she has to help plan. That’s where all the fun and intense scenes arrive. A former hot lover comes onto the scene. A cowboy as cocky as any other man. He’s dealing with an injury from the rodeo and plans to reconnect with the woman he hasn’t forgotten since their first kiss.

These characters were charming, smart, and great opposites. One is super social and outgoing and the other is shy to the bone and afraid of things. I easily was able to connect with both of them. However, connecting with Jane was easy as pie. I too, have fears and she felt real. Overall, Sara Richardson did an amazing job. She got me hooked and lost deep within her new world of fiction.

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