Review: Running Out of Time

Running Out of Time (Tactical Crime Division Book 4)


When a terrorist is on the loose, the Tactical Crime Division is on the case.

To find out who poisoned medications, two of TCD’s agents are tapped to go undercover posing as a married couple and infiltrate the company. But as soon as Jace Cantrell and Laura Smith arrive at Stroud Pharmaceuticals, someone ups the ante by planting explosives in their midst. Turns out that the small-town family business is hiding a million secrets. Could they unknowingly be protecting a vengeful killer?

Mills & Boon Intrigue — Seek thrills. Solve crimes. Justice served.

Rating: 4-stars


Running Out of Time by Cindi Myers is another exciting read in the Tactical Crime Division series. I love how each of the books in this series was written by a different writer. This was my first time reading a book by Cindi Myers. It was great. The plot had plenty of action. The suspense didn’t really begin until a bit more towards the middle of the story. The danger did escalate as the book built up steam. The team members were amazing. I liked the pair that were setup together in this particular novella. They suited each other perfectly. The leading lady wasn’t reckless but still new how to adapt in order to get the job done well. This book is similar to CSI and Criminal Minds.

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