Review: Southern Bred and Dead

Southern Bred and Dead (Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries, #9)


A haunted church. A ghastly death. Can Verity clear up the case before she’s buried way over her head?

Verity Long would really like a day off. Between uncovering the culprit who capped her gangster ghost housemate and dodging the bomb her boyfriend just dropped on their relationship, her spiritual calling has gotten complicated. But when she steps out for a little fun at a church fundraiser, she has another mystery on her hands when a family friend plunges from the bell tower.

With her pet skunk and a spectral mobster buddy in tow, Verity charges back into the world of furious phantoms. But as she follows a shocking trail of clues through a dangerous speakeasy, a possessed movie theatre, and a spooky mob safehouse, she could end up sleeping with the ghostly fishes.

Can Verity lay everything to rest before a mysterious murderer reads her last rites?

Rating: 5-stars


Southern Bred and Dead by Angie Fox is by far the greatest book in this series! She has created some boiling points for the protagonist and her boyfriend. The ghost hunting business is taking a tole on her as a person, her love life, and creating a deeper bond with her gangster mob ghost. I love the humor Angie Fox pours into her books. Especially, in this read. The ghosts are just as stubborn, dangerous, and fun as in previous books. There is a bit of an emotional journey that Verity and mobster ghost share that makes me want to hug them both. Her ghost buddy wants to be known as a tough guy. However, there is a kind and soft side to him and that is revealed here. There’s plenty more surprises in this book. Overall, I was thoroughly entertained and can’t wait for more!

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