Review: The Labyrinth in Winter

The Labyrinth in Winter


“A rich, intriguing and nuanced novel – intense, insightful and authentic.” A body floating in the Harlem River. A phone call asking for help. A call that leads government lawyer Devlin Wolfe into the murky world of dark money and Wall Street, and behind the scenes of the glittering Metropolitan Opera where everything is seemingly linked together – the murder of a top financial figure, the laundering of illegal funds into a political campaign and two otherworldly divas battling it out for supremacy in a new production the press has taken to calling the “Haunted Aida.

Against the setting of the coldest Manhattan winter anyone could remember, so cold that snowflakes scattered like dust and didn’t even melt in the full light of day, he must find answers…

“The rarified worlds of high finance and grand opera collide in this complex murder mystery…Michael Jeffery Blair, the author of Sudden Rivers (2014), writes a novel that exudes a palpable rage against dark money and ruthless puppet masters in pursuit of power. A worthwhile investment for those interested in whodunits, social justice, and the work of Giuseppe Verdi.” – Kirkus Review

“Blair’s novel features twin plotlines that are exciting and feel wholly original. His prose is vivid and lyrical while characters are expertly drawn and multidimensional. Readers will tear through ‘The Labyrinth in Winter’ to learn more about their relationships and origins. The author is particularly adept at describing the beauty and importance of art.” – Book Life/Publishers Weekly

Rating: 4-stars


The Labyrinth in the Winter by Michael Jeffery Blair is great for mystery fans! It has a lot of mystery, twists, and barely any romance at all. I know a lot of people who love a good crime and suspenseful read but without the romance and this is for them! I enjoyed it because I love a good mystery. This novel fulfilled that. The book is a slow read but worth it. It took me deep into the financial world where the rich and poor are against each other. Power, influence, greed and money are found here. The characters were well-crafted. Overall, it was a good read.

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