Review: All Fish Faces

New 2nd Edition of All Fish Faces


The 2nd Edition of All Fish Faces, Photos and Fun Facts about Tropical Reef Fish, is an underwater treasure of tropical reef fish faces, some fierce, some fun, but all a joy for fish fans young and old. Colorful photography — including names of every fish featured — creates a colorful dive log worth experiencing again and again. Our oceans are in trouble, and educating kids about ocean ecology and sea life is imperative.

Introducing kids and their families to our ocean friends will create a generation of excited, enthusiastic, and caring ocean lovers who care deeply about marine life. Who knows? Maybe it will encourage future scientists and conservationists! Seeing and getting to know, and love, our ocean friends, and feeling the excitement of discovery, is a great way to encourage saving the ocean for future generations!

Includes ocean and marine life education and tips on how kids, and everyone they know, can help save our ocean friends. The 2nd Edition of All Fish Faces will appeal to kids of all ages and show readers the colorful ocean animals who live in the world beneath the waves.

10% of profits will go to the Marine Megafauna Foundation to continue their scientific research to protect our oceans and ocean giants.

Rating: 5-stars


All Fish Faces by Tam Warner Minton is an exciting book to share will all young children. As a teacher, I am going to love sharing this with my students. The kids will love seeing all kinds of fish, fish faces, and the fun facts included. The pages are colorful, vibrant, and easy to read. There is just enough text to make it enjoyable for young readers. The pictures and graphics help bring to life the facts included on every page. Overall, this book is a quick but educational read. Students will have fun engaging in these pages.

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