Review: Beauty Tempts the Beast

Beauty Tempts the Beast (Sins for All Seasons, #6)


She wants lessons in seduction

Althea Stanwick was a perfect lady destined to marry a wealthy lord, until betrayal left her family penniless. Though she’s lost friends, fortune, and respectability, Althea has gained a scandalous plan. If she can learn to seduce, she can obtain power over men and return to Society on her terms. She even has the perfect teacher in mind, a man whose sense of honor and dark good looks belie his nickname: Beast.

But desire like this can’t be taught

Benedict Trewlove may not know his parentage but he knows where he belongs—on the dark side of London, offering protection wherever it’s needed. Yet no woman has ever made such an outrageous request as this mysterious beauty. Althea is out of place amongst vice and sin, even if she offers a wicked temptation he can’t resist. But as the truth of his origin emerges at last, it will take a fierce, wild love to overcome their pasts.

Rating: 5-stars


Beauty Tempts the Beast by Lorraine Heath is a spectacular romance novel! I enjoyed meeting past characters from previous books. The new characters, Benedict (Ben) aka known as Beast and his Lady, Althea aka Thea, are amazing. I easily connected with these two. Beast has a sad tale. So birth mother dropped him off to Lady Trewlove who is known for taking in bastards. But to Lady Trewlove the kids she takes in become her own children. The love she gives and shows them is beautiful. Beast was born differently. However, he got the name Beast because of the way he stands up for those who need his help. Hence, Lady Thea. Beast calls her Beauty but mostly he calls her Thea. I loved how this strong man with a heart of gold fell for the mysterious Lady Thea. Thea’s circumstances involve a family matter that went wrong and then, if that wasn’t bad enough her fiancée made a public mockery of her and her family as well. That man is a jerk. I love the way Beast handles him. It says a lot about Beast in the way he takes care of and handles Thea. I fell hard and fast for these characters and their family members. Plus, their friends were awesome too. Overall, the intrigue, romance, humor and the time period were done with perfection. I was so happy with this read.

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