Author Interview: Lorraine Heath

Beauty Tempts the Beast (Sins for All Seasons, #6)

Q: What prompted you to write, Beauty Tempts the Beast?

I love the Beauty and the Beast trope. When I was writing the first book in the Sins for All Seasons series, Beast just walked onto the page and I knew he had an interesting story to tell. But I didn’t know what it was until I started to write it. I was intrigued by the notion of the heroine asking him to teach her to be a seductress.

Q: Describing your heroine, Thea, what three words would you use? 

Daring, determined, independent

Q: When writing your historical fiction novel, what was the emotional journey like for you? 

The emotional journey reflected the story and was rather like a rollercoaster. Some light high moments, some dives into challenging valleys. I immerse myself in the stories as I write so I tend to experience what my characters are emotionally. I’m happy when they are, filled with sadness when they are. But I loved writing the stories and loved the characters.

Q: What themes can readers find in your upcoming release?

The importance of family and that family is not always defined by blood relations. My heroine shares the same parents as her brothers, but she is not close to her brothers. My hero was taken in by a woman and has a strong bond with the other children she raised, considers them his brothers and sisters. They would do anything to protect each other and represent the true definition of family.

Q: Where can readers find you and your books online?

They can email me through my website: Or follow me at:

Twitter: @Lorraine_Heath

Facebook: @LorraineHeathBooks

Instagram: @LorraineHeathAuthor

They can find my books with links to various bookstores by going to:

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