Review: 100 Cookies

100 Cookies: The Baking Book for Every Kitchen, with Classic Cookies, Novel Treats, Brownies, Bars, and More


From celebrated blogger Sarah Kieffer of The Vanilla Bean Baking Blog!

100 Cookies is a go-to baking resource featuring 100 recipes for cookies and bars, organized into seven chapters.

Chocolatey, fruity, crispy, chewy, classic, inventive—there’s a foolproof recipe for the perfect treat for everyone in this book.

• Introduces innovative baking techniques
• Includes an entire chapter dedicated to Kieffer’s “pan banging” technique that ensures crisp edges and soft centers for the most delicious cookies
• Nearly every recipe is accompanied by a photograph.

Recipes range from the Classic Chocolate Chip made three different ways, to bars, brownies, and blondies that reflect a wide range of flavors and global inspiration.

This is the comprehensive-yet-charming cookbook every cookie lover (or those who love to bake cookies) needs.

• Highly giftable with a textured case and a ribbon marker
• Recipes include Marshmallow Peanut Butter Brownies, Olive Oil Sugar Cookies with Blood Orange Glaze, Red Wine Cherry Cheesecake Swirl Bars, and Pan-Banging Ginger Molasses, S’mores Cookies, Snickerdoodles, and more
• A great pick for the home baker who loves cookies, as well as fans of Sarah Kieffer’s blog and Instagram
• Add it to the shelf with cookbooks like Sally’s Cookie Addiction by Sally McKenney; Dorie’s Cookies by Dorie Greenspan; and The Perfect Cookie: Your Ultimate Guide to Foolproof Cookies, Brownies & Bars by America’s Test Kitchen

Rating: 5-stars


100 Cookies: The Baking Book for Every Kitchen by Sarah Kieffer is the best book I have seen on baking delicious goodies. I was amazed. The are so many awesome tips and advice before this talented baker dives into the recipes. The measuring of ingredients and other helpful tips from her own experiences proved to be an asset every baker at home needs. Each recipe lists all the ingredients, directions, and other helpful tips. I loved the pictures that went with each recipe. I knew beforehand what I was making and from her detailed directions, how the recipes should come out and if doesn’t why. Overall, I have the biggest sweet tooth and this book was it for me. I love baking and this baking book made it easier for me at home.

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