Review: My One True Cowboy

My One True Cowboy (River Ranch, #4)


When Angelina Ford returns home to her family’s sprawling Texas ranch, she’s hiding a secret from her super successful siblings. With her business empire left in tatters back in Los Angeles, the former high-flying lawyer has nothing and she doesn’t want anyone back home to know.

But a chance encounter with her childhood best friend, Logan Brody, changes everything. The soldier turned rancher has been to hell and back himself, and he refuses to leave her to lick her wounds and be miserable.

Neither Angelina nor Logan wants to risk their friendship, but when sparks start to fly, everything changes. And Angelina is left wondering if her big city life is everything it’s cracked up to be, or if happiness has been waiting at home in Texas for her all along. 

Rating: 5-stars


My One True Cowboy by Soraya Lane is a friends-to-lovers romance. It is entertaining, heartfelt, and exciting. Inside, are some key topics such as disabled vets and their service dogs, cancer, and family. I love how everything ties in perfectly. The cast of characters are quirky, hardworking, and strong individuals. Each one has their own strengths and weaknesses that made them so real. They were all likable including the beautiful service dog. My heart melts for each one of them.

The story deals with a young woman returning home, a place where she barely visits due to her work. Ange is a workaholic. Working is as easy as breathing to her. When she returns, she finds out that she doesn’t have enough to keep her current business a float and does not want to tell her family. It’s a sore topic for her. Ange’s father is dying from cancer. Her father is a strong independent man. I can she the likeness between him and his daughter, Ange.

Next, there’s her best friend, a tall handsome cowboy. He’s back home, too. He’s struggling with his weakness from serving the country. His dog isn’t just his best friend but also helps him deal with his problems. He is scared of loving and losing Ange.

Overall, I am in love with this new novel. A contemporary romance that is emotionally charged, action-packed, and sexy as hell. I cannot wait to read more by Soraya Lane.

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