Review: Chaos Reigning

Chaos Reigning (Consortium Rebellion, #3)


Interplanetary intrigue and romance combine in this electrifying finale to the Consortium Rebellion series.

As the youngest member of her High House, Catarina von Hasenberg is used to being underestimated, but her youth and flighty, bubbly personality mask a clever mind and stubborn determination. Her enemies, blind to her true strength, do not suspect that Cat is a spy—which makes her the perfect candidate to go undercover at a rival House’s summer retreat to gather intelligence on their recent treachery.

Cat’s overprotective older sister reluctantly agrees, but on one condition: Cat cannot go alone. Alexander Sterling, a quiet, gorgeous bodyguard, will accompany her, posing as her lover. After Cat tries, and fails, to ditch Alex, she grudgingly agrees, confident in her ability to manage him. After all, she’s never found a person she can’t manipulate.

But Alex proves more difficult—and more desirable—than Cat anticipated. When she’s attacked and nearly killed, she and Alex are forced to work together to figure out how deep the treason goes. With rumors of widespread assaults on Serenity raging, communications down, and the rest of her family trapped off-planet, Catarina must persuade Alex to return to Earth to expose the truth and finish this deadly battle once and for all.

But Cat can’t explain why she’s the perfect person to infiltrate hostile territory without revealing secrets she’d rather keep buried. . . . 

Rating: 5-stars


Chaos Reigning by Jessie Mihalik is a great science fiction fantasy novel. It is also a romance which I loved. I am the biggest reader of all things romance related. This happens to be my first read from this writer. I am definitely looking forward to reading more in this series by Jessie Mihalik. Her writing is enjoyable to read. The cast of characters are wide as the ocean and entertaining.

A young woman, Cat, is taking on the roll of a spy in her world. Suspicions are cast and it’s her job to find out what’s happening. The only issue is that she has to drag along a hot bodyguard along with her. Her older sister insists. At first, Cat thought she could lose the man. But he soon proves that can’t be done. From there, I was deeply engaged in everything between the two protagonists. There is this instant chemistry that sparks between Cat and Alex.

Alex is a great guy for the heroine of this book. They complimented each other a lot. This book was more about saving the world and more romance than science fiction. I am not complaining…but I just wanted to put that out there for interested readers. Cat wants to be a heroine and to take care of everyone including her family. She has the biggest heart and the kick butt attitude as well. Overall, this action-packed adventure was worth reading.

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