Review: Matt Monroe and The Haunted House

Matt Monroe and the Haunted House


A haunted mansion.
A community at risk.
A group of teens with mysterious abilities.

Strange sightings at the Payne mansion and baffling incidents in the countryside place the community of Kingston on edge. Did opening the portal to Paragon draw evil entities to Kingston? In facing this new threat, Matt Monroe soon realizes he is not the only one who has secret talents. Many of his companions have hidden abilities which are exposed as Matt and his friends confront a terrifying, ethereal foe.

Rating: 5-stars


Matt Monroe and the Haunted House by Edward Torba is an exciting mystery. It’s an adventure of a lifetime. The story starts off with a brother running away with his little sister. He saw what happened to his mom by his stepfather and knew he had to escape. But he got them in the end. Now, the siblings haunt the house and still think it’s 1901. A they soon meet a young boy from the present day. Together they fight off evil and maybe, the siblings will finally get the peace they deserve.

The cast of characters were great. I felt transported back into this book. The scenes were full of intense dark mystery. Murder, mayhem, and the paranormal can be found on every page. I loved how the ghost siblings were close and kind. The other two brothers were also just as close. It will take a lot for the young Matt to help keep everyone safe. Overall, this is a series fit for middle grade and teens. I am an adult and loved every moment of this entertaining novel.

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