Review: Joy to the Wolves

Joy to the Wolves


Meet the shifters of the Red Wolf pack…

Close quarters make for a cozy Christmas…

As Christmas approaches, red wolf shifter Brooke Cerise unexpectedly inherits an antique shop in Portland, Oregon. But when a missing reindeer calf turns up on her property, she becomes embroiled in a kidnapping case and the primary suspect of far-too-intriguing shifter Detective Josh Wilding.

Josh doesn’t intend to fall for the mysterious new woman in town, but Brooke gets under his skin from the moment they meet, and he can’t help his instinct to protect her. These red wolves are both on the hunt for love, but there’s a mystery to solve before they can enjoy their holiday happy-ever-after.

Spend every Christmas with an unforgettable shifter hero.

Rating: 5-stars


Joy to the Wolves by Terry Spear was one irresistible read. The story was cozy and action-packed. This book started off as the first book in a new wolf series, The Red Wolves. It held the same amount of suspense, action-packed pages, and sexy scenes. The heat between the main two characters was fun to follow. Their first meeting is one where the hero is annoying yet hot as hell and the heroine disliking his accusing tones but still found him sexy. Both feel the instant attraction.

The hero doesn’t want to get too close to the she wolf incase she does decide to live their area. But on the other hand, she’s a magnate for trouble. Bad guys have followed her to her antique shop and will do anything to get their hands on something they think she has of theirs. The hero has put himself into action by taking steps to protect the red she wolf. That wasn’t the only crime stuff happening in this book. I loved how complicated the plot was and how interesting every character big and small were. Once again, I found myself falling hard for Terry Spear’s contemporary paranormal romance book. She is definitely one talented writer.

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