Review: Night, Night, Norman

Night Night, Norman


A Light-hearted, Spirit-lifting Story about What Horses Do at Night While We Sleep.

In this charming and funny book, Norman the horse wonders where Ellie goes after she hugs him goodnight. One night he loosens the latch on his stall and sneaks out. When he pushes his horse-sized body through the door and into Ellie’s house, he smells something delicious coming from the kitchen. While Ellie sleeps, Norman investigates. His equine curiosity and clumsy hooves create all sorts of chaos, leaving us wondering, will he wake Ellie?

Laugh out loud with the adventures of Norman, and find out what happens when we think our pets are sleeping. A perfect book to read together before bedtime!

Rating: 5-stars


Night, Night, Norman by Marie Dimitrova is an entertaining children’s book. This story shows what happens when a horse sleeps. He wonders where the little the girl who takes care of him goes at night. So, he decides to search for her. It was both funny and charming to follow as Norman explores each room in the house for Ellie. I was surprised Ellie didn’t wake to all the noise. Maybe, she is a really deep sleeper. However, I found this book fun and beautifully illustrated. I liked how a real picture of Norman was on the back cover. Young children will definitely love this adventure involving a cute yet mischievous horse.

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