Review: The Girl with the Magic Ponytails

The Girl with the Magic Ponytails


Riley is an imaginative child with a great big secret flowing through her extra-long, chocolate brown ponytails. With a flip, a swoosh, and a twirl, she sparks a special kind of magic with her ponytails, allowing her to set sail on the high seas with a neighborhood dog, latch onto a shimmering star, skate on the ribbons of a rainbow, and even time travel to a pre-historic land where she meets up with a ginormous friend. From the publisher of Grammy Award-winning Brandi Carlile’s Caroline and Graham Nash’s Our House, The Girl with the Magic Ponytails offers colorful imagery and engaging prose for children under eight, inspiring them to explore their own unique magic and vivid imagination. Written by food and human interest journalist Karen J. Young and illustrated by award-winning artist Yoko Matsuoko. 

Rating: 5-stars


The Girl with the Magic Ponytails is a colorful adventure for young girls. This book would not interest boys at all. As for the girls, this is a magical journey on all the things they can do with their magical ponytails like the girl in this story can. Imagination can take a child everywhere they want to go. The pages were bright and colorful. The illustrations went beautifully with this tale.

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