Review: No Darker Place

No Darker Place (Shades of Death, #1)


They want revenge. They need each other.

Detective Bobbie Gentry has one objective: to stop the serial killer who robbed her of her husband, her child and her life. Nick Shade understands Bobbie’s pain and her desire for vengeance. He’s on a mission of his own, and the murderer known as the Storyteller is next on his list.

Nick knows that the best way to find his target is to stick close to Bobbie. But as she becomes more and more reckless in her attempts to lure the Storyteller out of hiding, he has to make a choice. Will he protect her from herself even if it means passing up the chance to take out one more monster? As for Bobbie, she’s forced to decide just how much she can trust this stranger who knows so much about her.

And both of them are about to learn whether or not two broken people can save each other.

Rating: 4-stars


No Darker Place by Debra Webb is the first novel in A Shades of Death series. The book is definitely a suspense thriller. A tale that truly shows what happens in life when chasing and dealing with serial killers. One particular serial killer has evaded two people for a long time. Now, there’s a strong chance of catching the killer. But each step becomes full of risks, reckless moves, and deadly encounters. For them, they hang so close to revenge for the murders and yet they know what the law requires of them. This serial killer will take everything away from them, but they must hold on and not let him win. All in all, the book was engaging. I didn’t like some characters and their stories. Some hidden themes I wasn’t aware that would be in this type of book, were. Because of that, my enjoyment for this novel overall, dropped. However, the main heroine and hero were my favorites. They kept me on the edge of my seat. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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