Review: The Highland Laird

The Highland Laird (Lords of the Highlands #8)


Fans of Hannah Howell and Diana Gabaldon will love this Scottish romance that combines a high-stakes action and sizzling romance.

Emma Grant has been sheltered and underestimated her entire life. Her blindness may set her apart, but she’s just as fierce and loyal as any of her clansmen. So when she catches word that her brother’s best friend is in jail, she doesn’t hesitate to race to the brawny Highlander’s rescue.

Laird Ciar MacDougall is on a vital mission for Scotland when he witnesses a murder—and then is blamed for the death and thrown into a Redcoat prison to rot. He never thought he’d be broken out by a slip of a lass and her faithful hound. But now they’re outlaws on the run. And as their enemies circle ever closer, he will have to choose between saving his country or the woman who’s captured his heart. 

Rating: 5-stars


The Highland Laird by Amy Jarecki is an incredible read. The heroine has a disability that shows her more things in life than those without the handicap. In this book, her weakness is also her strength. I loved how she was able to own her own weakness and use it against her enemies. Danger is a constant threat especially for her. But now, during the troubling time period in which this novel is set, danger is for all of her people. Themes of trust, loyalty, and love are tested on every page. The hero has his strength tested when dealing with his enemies and that of the heroine. It takes a strong man to fight his desires back while trying to protect his country. Love doesn’t have to be sacrificed. In fact, the characters learn that it can be of help in the most troubling of times. There was also an instant liking towards the characters. I felt connected to them. Their attraction towards each other was fun to follow. Amy Jarecki’s novel was well-developed. I could almost hear the characters talking in their Scottish dialect.

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