Review: The Adventures of Grandmasaurus

The Adventures of Grandmasaurus


The Adventures of Grandmasaurus” features a quirky Grandma who magically sneezes herself into different dinosaurs while on a field trip with her two grandchildren. When Grandma starts behaving like a dinosaur the kids quickly learn this will not be a regular field trip! There is a world of adventure searching and identifying Grandmasaurus. This intergenerational tale also shows kids know best when it comes to proper behaviour at the museum!

Rating: 5-stars


As an educator, I absolutely loved this book! The Adventures of Grandmasaurus is an adventure unlike any other I have read. A grandma who turns into a different dinosaur with every sneeze! I loved how two boys followed her throughout the museum and learned about each new dinosaur. It was also a bit like Where in the World did Carmen Sandiego Go? Where did the grandmasaurus go and what dinosaur is she next? The book was beautifully illustrated with bright colored dinosaurs. The pages were filled with fun, action, and mystery. I, myself, do not know anything about dinosaurs, and I learned a lot myself. This is one educational and exciting adventure for all young children. I know kindergarteners and up to third grade will enjoy this book. There’s not too many words but just enough. It teaches the kids how to pronounce the dinosaur names and educates what each one is. Overall, this is must have for any classroom.

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