Review: No Offense

No Offense (Little Bridge Island, #2)


A broken engagement only gave Molly Montgomery additional incentive to follow her dream job from the Colorado Rockies to the Florida Keys. Now, as Little Bridge Island Public Library’s head of children’s services, Molly hopes the messiest thing in her life will be her sticky-note covered desk. But fate—in the form of a newborn left in the restroom—has other ideas. So does the sheriff who comes to investigate the “abandonment”. The man’s arrogance is almost as distracting as his blue eyes. Almost… 

Recently divorced, John has been having trouble adjusting to single life as well as single parenthood. But something in Molly’s beautiful smile gives John hope that his old life on Little Bridge might suddenly hold new promise—if only they can get over their differences.

Rating: 4-stars


No Offense by Meg Cabot is part of a wonderful series. However, this novel can be read alone. The story is about a new children’s librarian and the small-town sheriff sharing a strong attraction to each other. But they are on opposite grounds and they butt heads. I loved following them as they dealt with the mystery laid in their hands while trying to handle their blossoming romance. Funny, quirky, and engaging this was a fun read. A contemporary romance that held all the right elements. Overall, Molly and John are charming characters who lured me deeper into their story.

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