Review: The Best Kept Secrets

Best Kept Secrets


Alexandra Gaither is a savvy, beautiful attorney who finally has the power to get what she has always wanted — justice. Twenty-five years before, her mother died a scandalous death. Now as she investigates her mother’s former lover, his best friend, and the father figure to them both, she will risk everything to uncover their best kept secrets.

Rating: 5-stars


The Best Kept Secrets by Sandra Brown was straight to the point. The whole book drove right in to the problem and from there I was hooked. I liked how there were three suspects at the beginning and one determined woman set on catching one of them as the killer. Alex’s mom was murdered and the wrong person went down for that crime. So many people have since died so her investigation is a bit hindered. However, some suspects are still alive and kicking. When she comes back to the place where it all happened, Alex stirred up a bees’ nest. People are on edge and try thwarting her at every turn.

I enjoyed the thrill of the chase. It was one woman with wanting to catch her mother’s killer against those who have reasons to keep the case closed. Some are very wealthy and influential while others had to work hard to get where they were the day she came to town. Those closest to her mom had kept their mouths closed. None of them wanted to know which of them really was behind the death after so many years.

Interesting, intense, and deadly Best Kept Secrets was well-done. The only part of the story that was weird to me was where Alex’s mom’s love interests took an interest in her the same way as they did her mom. That and Alex became romantically involved with one of them. It just didn’t sit right. Who would go after someone their parent was with? There was the age difference, too. Overall, I enjoyed the thriller suspense part of this read.

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