Review: The Ultimate Survival Guide to Bedtime Monsters

The Ultimate Survival Guide to Bedtime Monsters


A hilarious bedtime book that’s perfect for anyone, big or small, who’s afraid of what might be lurking under the bed.

Do you like awake at night worrying about monsters? Donut monsters? Blue monsters? DANCING ROBOT MONSTERS?! Then this is the book for you! This guide offers ten easy steps to ensure you’ll never be bothered by monsters again. Not even carrot monsters.

This hysterically illustrated picture book offers actionable solutions to fears about monsters that will make kids feel confident and that parents will appreciate too, like Step 2: brush your teeth before bed, because monsters hate the smell of minty fresh breath.

And don’t miss the cool free poster underneath the book jacket! Just take it off, hang it up, and never worry about monsters again.

Rating: 5-stars


The Ultimate Survival Guide to Bedtime Monsters by Mitch Frost is an interesting children’s book. It tricks children into brushing their teeth, cleaning their rooms, and much more. Children are afraid of bedtime monsters. To keep all the scary monsters away, the children must keep a clean room, clean teeth, and wash their hands and etc. I loved the colorful illustrations. The monsters were cute to look at. I loved the tips to keep these bedtime monsters away and how well the book was put together. Young children will learn responsibilities and keep monsters away for every. This book was put an ease to the kids minds so they can sleep peacefully at night.

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