Review: Flipping Houses When You’re Dead Broke

Flipping Houses When You're Dead Broke: 5 Strategies to Begin Your Real Estate Business and Fill Your Empty Pockets


How to Start a House Flipping Business Without Experience or Money – A Beginner’s Guide to Financial Freedom.

Do you dream about escaping the boring routine of a 9-5 job and starting a profitable business?

Has the current economic crisis cost you your job–your debts piling up without any source of income in sight?

Do you wish to start a business and become your own boss, but you lack the funds to do so?

The current economic crisis, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, has already resulted in many losing their jobs and their only source of income.

Imagine being able to have a steady, passive side income that is completely resistant to the world’s economic trends.

That’s right, it’s possible. Welcome to the world of house flipping!

This real estate business model has already helped thousands avoid bankruptcy, not to mention those who have ditched their boring day jobs, and are currently generating a massive profit.

The best part about house flipping is that it enables you to make money without investing. Or, to be fair, without investing your money. This model is all about profit.

It’s no wonder then that many have decided to try their luck in the real estate market. However, not all of them were successful.

Even though this low-risk investing model is extremely beginner-friendly, there are many wrong steps and mistakes one can make that result in a business flop.

Fortunately, house flipping has been around for quite some time, and by now we know which strategies work best, as well as what mistakes to avoid.

In Flipping Houses When You’re Dead Broke, this is exactly what you’ll discover. Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll find inside:

  • The ultimate beginner’s guide on house flipping, allowing even the newest of newbies to join in on the business
  • 5 crazy profitable, but simple strategies to start your own house flipping business today
  • How to advance your business and make a profit without touching any of your own money
  • Expert advice on how to conduct market analysis and instantly recognize a good deal (and spot the bad ones)
  • Top real estate agent secrets on finding the best locations, and knowing when to buy and when to sell
  • The Magic Flip Formula that never fails, used by the most successful flippers
  • A renovation’s manual to stop you from losing money on unnecessary interventions

And much more.

Even if you have a secure job that you enjoy, it’s always a good idea to invest in properties and have a second source of income.

If the Coronavirus crisis has taught us anything, it’s that the world can change in a fleeting second.

You might have been lucky in 2020, but do you really want to gamble and rely on luck when the next crisis hits?

Rating: 5-stars


Flipping Houses When You’re Dead Broke by Lou Vachon is a must have for any entrepreneur in this realm. Real estate, flipping homes, and making an income while doing it- is all demonstrated here. This book is simple, straight to the point, and a great way to avoid new comer mistakes. Lou Vachon lays it all out in an organized way. He breaks each step down for readers. Inside, are also some very interesting questions when diving head first into these tasks. It takes hard work, a bit of prior knowledge, research, and good management skills. Overall, Lou Vachon makes flipping homes look like an interesting and easy career choice.

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