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Love & Homegrown Magic by Patricia Bossano

Fairfield, CA – Indie Author Patricia Bossano continues to charm with her compelling style, building vibrant worlds, and creating unique characters.  

True to form, Patricia’s new release casts a spell, sewn from stardust and tradition. Let it touch your heart; wander into the enchanted garden of

Love & Homegrown Magic©.  

Our choices tell the story of who we are.” 

From the ashes of burned letters comes a celestial romp, spanning sev 

en decades and two continents. 

Love is the guiding force, even when Maggie, ever the planner, chooses  

her mind over her heart. 

Family comes first and she has always known her purpose is to be a  

guiding light to her siblings and, one day, her children. But a dash of  

destiny, and two loves blessed by the stars tug at Maggie’s heartstrings  

in a way she could never have planned for.  

Wander into her magical garden, where thorns and perfumed blossoms  

coexist, through Love and her Homegrown Magic. 

Don’t miss out on this once in a blue moon incantation!  

Pre-order your copy today and register for the Virtual Launch Event on October 31, 2020

Fresh Cuttings:

“Having worked on breaking familial patterns and healing ancestral pains, it’s lovely to see it laid out in such a simple way… I  love how easily you brought Maggie’s beliefs together to form something that surpasses religion to become faith.” –Yanieke  Terband, Alchemy  

“The characters come alive and pull you into their lives. Ms. Bossano paints a vivid portrait that will not let you put it down.” – Brian Peters  

“I genuinely enjoyed the way “Love & Homegrown Magic” pulled me through a beautiful variety of emotions. Maggie is very relat able as a mother and the sisterhood feels so real.” –Beta-Reader  

“Love & Homegrown Magic was so easy to read! The story flows so well and the author paints a clear picture for readers to  delve into for as many hours as they choose. Be warned, it will take a few minutes to get back to reality after you’ve been in the  book for a bit.” –Paul Wold  

Patricia Bossano

About the Author 

Patricia Bossano has penned several  award-winning philosophical fictions and  supernatural escapes. She lives and writes  in California with her family. 

To learn more about her work please visit: 

Media Queries: Please contact Patricia  

 Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other fine booksellers.

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