Review: Love & Homegrown Magic

Love & Homegrown Magic


With the blue moon comes a spell

Sewn from stardust and tradition.

Let it touch your heart and

Come into the enchanted garden of Love & Homegrown Magic.

Our choices tell the story of who we are.

From the ashes of burned letters comes a celestial romp, spanning seven decades and two continents.

Love is the guiding force, even when Maggie, ever the planner, chooses her mind over her heart.

Family comes first and she has always known her purpose is to be a guiding light to her siblings and, one day, her children. But a dash of destiny, and two loves blessed by the stars tug at Maggie’s heartstrings in a way she could never have planned for.

Wander into her magical garden, where thorns and perfumed blossoms coexist, through Love and her Homegrown Magic.

Rating: 5-stars


Once more I am led deep into Patricia Bossano’s magical world of fiction. She writes so well, it’s hard to pull away from the story. The moment I started the characters pulled me in tight. Especially, the main protagonist, Maggie. Maggie is the type of heroine readers love. She puts everyone first and now she’s having her moment. But there are circumstances that happen and life changes many times. But in the end, the characters end up where they should be. I love the loyalty Maggie displays. Family first is something I can share with her. This book is enchanting, heartfelt, and engaging from the the first chapter. Patricia Bossano has a way of luring me into her character’s struggles and leaving me wondering what will happen next. Suspense and excitement are the two emotions I feel during the whole book. Also, I really love the relationship Maggie has with her daughters. It is beautiful. Overall, Patricia Bossano has proven how masterful of a storyteller she really is. Her words are like magic creating multi-dimensional worlds like Maggie’s. I recommend reading, Love and Homegrown Magic to all readers. There’s something in there for everyone to love.

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