Review: Calling on Quinn

Calling on Quinn (The Blackhart Brothers, #1)


He’s trouble—of the very best kind

Quinn Blackheart is a private investigator, former cop, and no-nonsense, take-charge kind of guy who adores his sprawling Irish family. He likes to check all the boxes, and his niece’s gorgeous driving instructor just earned a place at the top of his to-do list.

Alicia Rhodes has had a tough, chaotic year, and she’s ready to put the past behind her and find happiness in the present. When handsome Quinn Blackhart shows up at a driving lesson, she can see he’s the very best kind of trouble—but is she game? Now isn’t a great time to get involved with a man—even if he’s the most romantic, supportive, understanding, magnificent man she’s ever met.

So between unfinished business of Alicia’s, and a dangerous case threatening the Blackhart family, Quinn is determined to both woo Alicia and keep her safe—which is going to make for one wild, sexy ride.

First in a hot new interracial contemporary romance series from bestselling author Blue Saffire! 

Rating: 3.5-stars


Calling on Quinn by Blue Saffire is the first novel I have read by her. It is the start of a new series. A romantic suspense tale. I loved the humor, Irish accents, and the teasing between siblings and family members. I felt like I was in the same room as the family when they were teasing Quinn and all. I would give the writer 5-stars for the humor, realistic family life captured, and for making the characters three-dimensional. As much as I liked all that, Quinn’s sister and husband were brutally attacked and at first anger and revenge are on his mind. As it should be for any brother protective of his sister. But then his attention was lost immediately and it felt crazy. I lost all interest in the characters after that. Quinn was thinking about the sexy woman with thoughts on finding his sister’s attackers at the back of his mind instead of being up front. This book went from feeling very real to feeling so much like made up tales.

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