Review: The Truth about Dukes

The Truth About Dukes (Rogues to Riches, #5)


A new duke and a woman with a secret in her past get a second chance at love in this delightful and charming Regency romance from the New York Times bestselling author of the Windham series.

Robert Rothmere is hiding a past no duke should have endured, but he’s not hiding it well enough. Sooner or later, his enemies will learn that he spent years locked away at a private asylum. To get their hands on his wealth, they’ll try to send him right back to his worst nightmares. If Robert is to foil their schemes, he needs to marry a perfectly proper, blessedly boring, deadly dull duchess, immediately—and he knows exactly which quietly delightful lady he’d love to entrust with that role.

Lady Constance Wentworth has cultivated a reputation for utter forgettability. She never speaks out of turn (in public), never has a daring thought (that she admits aloud), and never comes close to courting scandal… as far as anybody knows. Her path crossed Robert’s years ago, though, and she’s never forgotten the extraordinary lengths he traveled to keep her safe when she hadn’t a friend in the world. She longs to be his demure duchess…but little does he know that to marry her would be utter madness.

Rating: 5-stars


The Truth about Dukes by Grace Burrowes is a deep and exciting read. There is plenty of trouble for both the heroine and hero of this story. However, each one is strong, independent, and clever enough to fight through any issue that arises. Together they are only stronger and more powerful. Each characters adds a sense of strength and courage to the other. A young woman misguided by young love goes through her troubles on her own versus bothering his family with them. She ends up meeting the hero during those dark times. They end up being each other’s light to their dark world. Until, the hero realizes a brother is trying to find his sister and the hero knows who and where she is. He ends up getting her back home safely to her family. Meanwhile he still has to endure his dark existence without her. But not for too much longer. He comes back home to take over his title and position born to him. But some are determined to take away his life that he has just returned to…and with the help of a unique and talented heroine.

I am in love with these characters! The siblings from both characters were just as interesting. Meddling at times and helpful the other times, the entire cast is fun to follow. The characters have quirks aka flaws that can determine or undermine their future. The tale is intense in a good way. So much is riding on what society will do to the hero. The hero falls more into the Duke role as his future Duchess encourages him and make shim feel things he has never allowed himself to feel. I love this couple. Grace Borrowes displays a handicap but it doesn’t necessarily mean the character cannot live his life to the fullest nor perform all his duties like any other man. The characters made me laugh, cry, and fall deeper in love with them all. Overall, superb writing from this phenomenal writer. Her fictional worlds are the best. Humor, romance, and action are inside this exciting historical adventure.

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