Review: No Reading Allowed

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From the #1 NEW YORK TIMES bestselling authors of P IS FOR PTERODACTYL comes another hilarious, fresh look at the English language!

The hero had super vision.
The hero had supervision.

Man, a tea sounds great.
Manatee sounds great!

Sir Francis Bacon
Sir, France is bakin’!

What is going on here?!
You can’t believe everything you hear! A single word can have many different meanings. And sometimes two words that sound alike can be spelled completely differently. Ptolemy the pterodactyl is back to show us all how absurd and fun language can be when homophones, homonyms, and tricky punctuation are at play!

No Reading Allowed allows children and their parents to laugh together while also learning something new. Perfect for baby gifts, birthday gifts, teacher gifts, and anyone who finds humor in the absurdity of the English language.

Rating: 5-stars


No Reading Allowed by Raj Haldar is one of the most educational yet fun reads for young children. It teaches them the difference of words that sound the same yet mean different things. I loved they way it was presented on every page. Beautifully illustrated with the correct meanings of the words described on each page. I liked the glossary in the back of the book as well. All children, both girls and boys, can enjoy this reading adventure. The bright colors and amazing illustrations make it a fun journey. It’s funny, charming, and the perfect educator’s tool. As a teacher, I cannot recommend this book enough.

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