Review: Kill Chain

Kill Chain: a novel



Pascual Rose is back—and this time the lives of his wife and son hang in the balance.
Years ago, Rose put his life as a terrorist behind him. He sold out his colleagues for a new identity and low profile in Barcelona. All was quiet until he received a midnight text: Come join us on the terrace.

The stakes are high: if he fails, it will cost him his family; if he succeeds, one million euros will buy a lot more than translation piecework will. But the money-laundering scheme involves a nexus of diverted revenues, shell companies and cryptocurrencies, peopled by shadowy benefactors, Russian mobsters, German intelligence agents, and a mysterious woman with a chilling warning: Get out before it’s too late.

Rose races against time, navigating twists and turns and mortal danger knowing no one can be trusted and nothing is happenstance. Can he uncover who is behind the operation that has the potential to destroy entire governments and global financial markets before he loses everything?

Rating: 5-stars


Kill Chain by Dominic Martell is the second best installment to a wonderful suspense series. I was lured in from the get go with this story. The predicaments that Pascual, the main character, gets himself into is deadly. His situation keeps getting worse. Only this time, it involves the lives of those he loves most. Enemies are everywhere. The tale is action-packed with high tensions. There are plenty of ways Pascual’s story could go. Risks are upped as the pages fly past. Dominic Martell’s storytelling skills are fantastic. It’s as though he waved a wand and the next thing I know, I’m right inside the book with Pascual. This is a definite must read for all fans of military ops, suspense, and thriller. If you liked, The Bourne Series, you will definitely love this book as much as I did.

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