Review: Can’t Ride Around It

Can't Ride Around It (Deadwood Undertaker Series Book 3)


Some things you just can’t ride around …

Jack “Rabbit” Fields knew a good thing when he saw it, whether it was a sound horse, a sure bet, or a pretty sage hen. When it came to locking horns with any curly wolves he ran into along the trail, he tended to shoot first—a notion that had saved his hide more times than he could count. But that was before he came to Deadwood.
Now, someone is stealing freshly dead bodies right out of their graves, and Rabbit and his amigos are on the hunt to figure out who. And more important, why?
Unfortunately, finding the answers to those questions will take plenty of Rabbit’s bullets, and maybe his blood, too. When the shooting stops and the smoke clears, he reckons there will be a whole lot more cold corpses in the Black Hills. With any luck, he won’t be one of them.

Hold onto your hats and saddle up for another action-filled adventure with the Santa Fe Sidewinders, Clementine, Hank, and the rest of the goldurn Deadwood devils!

Rating: 5-stars


Can’t Ride Around It by Ann Charles and Sam Lucy is an amazing Western paranormal read. I love the mystery. This story is action-packed and spooky. From missing bodies to great fighting skills in the wild. It’s an epic rollercoaster ride I did not want to stop. The cast is fun to follow. Plenty of humor, suspense, and twists inside this novel. I cannot believe this book was written by two writers. The book is well-written with great characterization. This is the third adventure in the series and I look forward to reading the previous two books. Deadly, dangerous, and supernatural this tale is a must read.

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