Review: Witness to Death

Witness to Death


Lorna Doria hadn’t committed a murder. She’d seen one. Yet somehow she’d become the prisoner, while the killer was out on bail. As state’s witness, she’d thought the shelter of her quiet New England life would be enough to keep her safe. Law enforcement disagreed—and it was New York City undercover cop Andrew Trudeau’s job to protect her. But their strong attraction had already made it too late for that . . .

Now, with Andrew as her bodyguard, Lorna has no choice but to accept his constant presence. She assures herself she can handle it, she’s mature, not easily rattled—except by Andrew. They’re as different as can be, yet something bonds them, something beyond the danger they face. But as a cop, Andrew’s life will always be on the line, and Lorna must decide whether she can live with that—if a killer lets them have any future at all…

Rating: 4-stars


Witness to Death by Heather Graham is different than her normal works that I have read. One it’s a lot more realistic. It barely has any humor or romance to it compared to most of her other novels. The story was told from a character’s point of view. That made it such a tedious job. I almost wanted to stop reading it in the beginning. I wanted the story to be told in a way that engages and entertains me. This was not it. It was more telling than showing me. The danger and suspense were there. Danger was in high volume for the character. Once I forced myself past the beginning part, I was invested and had to know what became of the two main protagonists. This tale was not the best work from this bestselling writer. I love Heather Graham’s writing and her books. I have so many of her novels lining my shelves. However, this was just not the best. It was not terrible. Just okay.

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