Review: Strictly Come Dating

Strictly Come Dating


Fun, feel-good and a must read for fans of Strictly Come Dancing!
Saturday nights are strictly for dancing…

As the glitter ball shimmers and sequins flash, forty-year-old Maggie remembers the pull of the dancefloor. But now, as a newly divorced mum of two, Maggie’s certain her dancing days are over. Or are they…?

Encouraged by her friends, Maggie dusts off her silver stilettoes and enrols for dancing classes, all she needs now is the perfect partner.

Enter Seb. Young, carefree and hot as hell, Seb is definitely a perfect 10! Even though everything about him is outrageously inappropriate! But as Seb sweeps her across the dancefloor every week, Maggie begins to see a new side to him; kind, caring, funny, strong.

And Maggie realises that he’s the only one she’d like to foxtrot with…perhaps even forever? 

Rating: 4.5-stars


Strictly Come Dating by Kathryn Freeman is an entertaining romantic comedy. Two adults are getting their second chance at a forever kind of love. This story was sad, funny, and charming. The protagonists were realistic. A woman is facing the raising of her kids mostly alone. Her and her husband have gone their own ways. She was doing just fine until her friend’s brother comes back into town. He is still suffering an emotional baggage of his own. He was always a disappointment to his own father. He feels that he needs to prove himself to others and mainly to himself. He spends time with Maggie and her kids. The more time they spend together the more comfortable they are.

Each character pushes the other to find his/her own potential. Neither one diminishes the other. The support they gave and took from each other was equal in giving. Maggie has a lot to risk and not just her heart. Her children becoming attached to the new man in her life and what the future may or may not hold for them all. Being hurt by her husband has made her cautious. I loved these characters. Overall, this was truly a heartfelt and engaging read.

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