Q&A with Author Anna J. Stewart

Q: What is considered light romantic suspense?

A light romantic suspense, to me at least, means that the suspense element doesn’t have quite as large a role to play in the story as it would in a full-on romantic suspense. Because NO PLACE LIKE HOME is a novella, and significantly shorter than my usual full-length suspense novels, I used the suspense element as a way to both bring the characters together, keep them together, and up the tension around them. The heart of the story is Parker and Tripp’s growing attachment to one another, but there’s an element of danger still around them. 

Q: When did you publish your first book? 

November, 2014. It was a novella with Harlequin Heartwarming entitled THE CHRISTMAS WISH (in the anthology CHRISTMAS ACTUALLY). It’s the collection of stories that launched Christmas Town, Maine and more than fifty follow-up sweet holiday inspired romances.

Q: Is it difficult to write humor? 

I don’t find it difficult, personally. I think the trick is knowing where humor goes and when to leave it out. I don’t write romantic comedy. I’m not wired for that (my co-author Melinda Curtis definitely is, though). I go dark and sometimes disturbing and use humor as a pressure release and comic relief. Because dialogue is probably my favorite thing to write, and I do have a masters degree in sarcasm, for me, it tends to just be there.

Q: What is your latest writing project about?

I’ve had three come out in the past month, actually. NO PLACE LIKE HOME from ARC MANOR’s CAEZIK Romance, is the light romantic suspense (as discussed above). It features a woman in hiding and a burned out FBI agent who needs to decide what his future is going to be. 

I also have MONTANA DREAMS out right now, which is the third in the Blackwell Sisters sweet romance mini-series from Harlequin Heartwarming. This story is about Peyton Harrison (Blackwell), who, when she’s threatened at work, is sent off with a bodyguard to Montana, where she’ll be forced to face some truths about her family and her past actions. Of course since it’s romance, there’s lots of that thanks to her bodyguard Matteo Rossi, whose six-year-old son Gino arrives unexpectedly at his door. 

GUARDING HIS MIDNIGHT WITNESS is the third book I have out right now. This is my full-on romantic suspense and personal ode to one of my favorite films, REAR WINDOW. Artist Greta Renault reports witnessing a murder that may—or may not—have happened. Detective Jack McTavish is caught between believing her and trying to salvage his career. This one was really fun to write and has a few gothic elements in it as well.

Q: Using three words, describe your writing style.

Fast-paced, optimistic, escapist.

Q: Where can readers find you and your work online?

Readers can find everything they need about me and my work at my website, www.AuthorAnnaStewart.com   But directly on Facebook, I’m Author Anna J Stewart, on Instagram I’m Anna J Stewart, and on Twitter, my handle is @AJStewartWriter. 

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