Review: The Duke’s Princess Bride

The Duke's Princess Bride


Born to an Indian maharaja, Princess Sarani Rao has it all: beauty, riches, and a crown. But with a British mother, her mixed blood makes her a pariah and a target. And when Sara’s father is murdered, her only hope of survival is to escape on the next ship out―captained by the boy she once loved…and spurned.

Captain Rhystan Huntley, the reluctant Duke of Embry, has a place in the English fleet, which he’s loathe to give up. But duty is calling him home, and this is his final voyage. Leave it to fate that the one woman he’s ever loved must escape India on his ship. 

Rating: 5-stars


The Duke’s Princess Bride by Amalie Howard is an engaging read from the beginning. The lead character, an Indian princess, fights her way through to survival. She has some help and lands on a ship belonging to the only man she ever loved. Conflict follows her everywhere. Tensions rise with each scene. From the dangers following her to the hatred from polite society, Sarani has her hands full. She has more royalty and rank than almost of the her peers. A weapon wielding fighter, this princess can fight her own battles. It took a lot for her lover to hold back and let her fight it alone. Everything in him, wants to fight them for her. But he knows, she needs to fight it herself. A man like Duke Rhystan is the real deal. He’s all red blooded male, stubborn, and full of himself. But he cares about his mom, sister, and most of all Sarani. This novel was beautifully written. I rooted for the protagonists. They caught my heart and kept it. Overall, this was a phenomenal historical romance novel. Full of action, danger, and romance-The Duke’s Princess Bride is a must read for all.

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