Review: Dawn with a Duke

Dawn with a Duke (12 Dukes of Christmas, #9)


As the daughter of a duke, Lady Isabelle’s pristine reputation is paramount. Her high status is how she’ll attract the titled suitor her mother insists she wed. When Belle’s chaperone falls ill en route to a party, she must pose as an independent widow to avoid gossip. Why not have a wee innocent flirtation with a handsome tailor staying at the same inn? She’ll be gone in the morning…

A sudden blizzard upends Calvin McAlistair’s plans when he’s snowbound at a posting-house. He has no time to play lady’s maid to the helpless beauty next door, no matter how much he enjoys unbuttoning the straitlaced widow. His future depends on impressing an important investor… who will ruin them both once they realize Calvin has spent a scandalous fortnight with Lady Isabelle!

Rating: 5-stars


Dawn with a Duke by Erica Ridley is an enjoyable read. The book quickly takes me through Lady Isabelle’s an Calvin’s romance tale. Two unlikely characters who meet at an inn during a snowstorm. They quickly make friends. Their relationship grows as they both end up needing each other. Love blossoms between them. However, Lady Isabelle is a higher station than Calvin. Thus, they cannot be together. This leads to a fight and secrets are revealed. Erica Ridley creates worlds that capture my whole attention. I immediately fell into this one and loved every moment. Irresistible characters and engaging dialogue-I was hooked.

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