Review: Ten Days with a Duke

Ten Days with a Duke (12 Dukes of Christmas, #11)


Olive Harper’s family has been feuding with the Westons for decades. The Westons’ stud farm is the biggest, but the Harpers’ is the most famous… and she’s the sole heiress. Or was, until her father brokers a truce by offering the Weston heir the Harper farm. The only way to get it back is to marry the knave who kissed her and humiliated her, twice—or prove to her father that some rifts can never be healed.

Scholar and botanist Elijah Weston is dreadful at feuding. For one, he prefers horticulture to horses. For two, he’s been desperately in love with his mortal enemy ever since he kissed her—and, yes, publicly destroyed her—all those years ago. When he’s given ten days to win Olive’s heart, he arrives with marriage license in hand. But where lies and double-crosses abound, how can lifelong rivals learn to trust their hearts? 

Rating: 5-stars


Ten Days with a Duke by Erica Ridley is a charming read full of tensions. Two young people who shared a kiss and one of them was humiliated in front of all. Ever since then, the two have become enemies. This story features an enemies-to-lovers trope. I loved it! Erica Ridley writes so well. Her characters come to life on the pages. I could feel the angry, fear, and attraction from the characters. I loved the close relationship the leading female had with her father. Now, she’s forced to marry or lose the family horse farm! The kiss she and her enemy shared in the past still lingers in their thoughts. There were several surprises in this novel that I would have never guessed! Overall, I loved this historical romance. I highly recommend Erica Ridley’s novels to all readers.

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