Review: Big Wishes for Little Feat

Big Wishes for Little Feat


When a young horse and a little girl fascinated by the stars above are brought together by a bit of fate and one shooting star, nothing can keep them apart.

Cheryl Olsten tells the fanciful and delightful tale of a young horse in Belgium and a little girl living in America who are brought together by a bit of fate and a shooting star. When Ella’s parents send her to live with her great-aunt in the beautiful Kingdom of Belgium, she becomes lonely and lost. Not far away lives an equally lonely young horse, the smallest in the stable. Little Feat, as he will be known, longs for a forever friend. 

When Ella and Little Feat are brought together, their devotion to each other grows. Their awe and love of the night sky with sparkling stars and constellations takes them on a journey that will change their lives forever. Big Wishes for Little Feat is a wonderful tale that will ignite the imagination with its rich, colorful illustrations by award-winning Italian illustrator Paolo d’Altan. Central to the book’s charm is the imagery of stars and constellations to which a little girl and her horse both look for inspiration, confidence, and faith in themselves, as they learn how to turn disappointments into achievements. A quirky aunt adds to the fun of this tale of happy endings and new beginnings. For young girls who love animals with a special fondness for the magic of horses.

Cheryl Olsten was formerly the publisher of two New Jersey Magazines, New Jersey Life and New Jersey Life Health and Beauty.  She resides in Pennsylvania with her husband, while their grown children are living their happy lives on different parts of the globe. 

Rating: 5-stars


Big Wishes for Little Feat by Cheryl Olsten is a beautifully illustrated story. Children will be just as charmed and enchanted as I was. A young girl and a horse being best of friends. A girl’s wish to ride in the moonlight with her best friend may just come true. Little Feat is a horse who cant wait to meet his new friend. Together these two characters made me fall in love. It’s difficult to not like them so much. Sweet, heartfelt, and entertaining I recommend Big Wishes for Little Feat to all. It encourages children to dream, hope, and wish upon a star.

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