Review: Wolf Under Fire

Wolf Under Fire (STAT #1)


For the cases no one else can solve, they send in the Special Threat Assessment Team

Supernatural creatures are no longer keeping their existence secret from humans, causing panic around the globe. To investigate, monitor, and ― when necessary ― take down dangerous supernatural offenders, an international task force was established: The Special Threat Assessment Team.

STAT agent Jestina Ridley is in London with her team investigating a suspicious kidnapping. Over her radio, Jes hears her teammates being savagely attacked. She runs to help, but she’s too late. The only survivor, Jes calls for backup and gets former Navy SEAL and alpha werewolf Jake Huang and his new pack. Convinced that the creature who butchered her teammates was a werewolf, Jes doesn’t trust them. But if they’re going to uncover the facts and make it back home alive, she’ll need Jake’s help. And with everything on the line, Jes will have to accept Jake for who he is, or lose the partner she never expected to find … 

Rating: 5-stars


Wolf Under Fire by Paige Tyler features an Asian wolf alpha. Tall, broad-shoulder, and a tough badass. He fights for the innocent. In this case, he ends up working with a woman that is just human. She fears him at first. Jes thinks it was a werewolf that killed her partners. But something is off about the scent of the attacker. Jake and his paranormal shifters help Jes find who was behind the murder of her team. But first, she will have to trust him and the others. Plus, there’s the strong instant attraction they both feel towards each other. Jes tries to shake it off, only it gets stronger. It’s the same for Jake. Jake wants Jes to accept and like him for the way he is. He feels bummed that she’s afraid and doesn’t trust him. I love this story. The characters were mesmerizing. The plot was fast-paced and action-packed. This paranormal romance is a must read for all romantic suspense fans.

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