Review: Wolf Untamed

Wolf Untamed (SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team, #11)


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Paige Tyler brings you the latest in her sexy, pulse-pounding SWAT series

SWAT werewolf Diego Martinez has always had a protective side, so when he meets a newly turned teenage werewolf, and the kid’s intriguing mother, he readily offers to help Brandon learn what it means to be a werewolf. He also readily falls for for Brandon’s mother, Bree, and the attraction is mutual.

But as SWAT’s biggest case starts to converge with Bree’s family, Diego and Bree find themselves in danger they could never have imagined. It’ll take everything they’ve got to discover the truth and keep each other safe. 

Rating: 5-stars


Wolf Untamed by Paige Tyler is a fast-paced, sexy, and action-packed read. I loved this paranormal series. Inside, the cast of characters offer a variety in types and personalities. It is engaging form the start. I am laughing, crying, and rooting for all the characters (big and small). What is unique about this book is that a majority of the good guys happen to be alphas. I find it amusing how each of the alphas were able to get along and work with each other. From work to personal life, these characters were amazing. There is a budding romance that in hard to ignore by the main characters. But there is a child aka a teenager involved and the situation proceeds carefully. I love the sense of one big family and how the friends went out and beyond to help each other. This novel is a must read for all romantic suspense fans.

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