Review: The Worst Duke in the World

The Worst Duke in the World (The Penhallow Dynasty, #5)


A wayward duke must choose: will he be the bad hero in a love story gone awry, or the brave and clever hero who risks everything for true love?

The acclaimed Penhallow Dynasty series continues in this fresh, fun, funny tale!

Life’s no bowl of cherries for Anthony Farr, the Duke of Radcliffe. Duty demands he remarry to provide a spare to go along with the heir — and eligible ladies keep trying to finagle him into a proposal. All he wants is to be a good father to his 8-year-old son, see the Duchess (his truly terrific pig) win first prize at the harvest fête, and stay single. Even if that makes him a Bad Duke. Maybe the Worst Duke in the World.

Then Miss Jane Kent, a long-lost relation of the illustrious Penhallow family, arrives in the neighborhood and is promptly befriended by the Duke’s son. Jane, Anthony comes to realize, is smart and fun and also very kissable and dazzlingly desirable. Still, that’s not enough to melt his resistance to marrying again. He made a stern promise to himself, and promises must, of course, be kept.

But what if that’s just his head talking, and his heart… is saying something entirely different?

Rating: 5-stars


First, let me say this novel, The Worst Duke in the World, is unique. It isn’t like any other historical romance novel you may have read. This book features a Duke completely different than any other Duke one has ever met. This particular Duke is fascinated with pigs. Yes, I do mean the farm animals that most people know. He in fact, named his prized pig, Duchess. After his late wife…that’s a story one must read on to find out why and how. The plot was juicy. From the moment, the Duke meant a very peculiar woman. One who is tied to the largest yet oldest families. However, she isn’t a legitimate child. Which makes her disliked by the Duke’s sister. Honestly, his sister is like an ice cube. The ice queen to be precise. His son, is the highlight and entertaining character in this book. I love the things that come out of the young man’s mouth. Lisa Berne created a bright, hilarious, yet romantic tale. I enjoyed following these characters. Once I started, I wanted to stay in the book forever. Their world was that enjoyable. The pacing was fast, action-packed, and enough dialogue to keep things interesting. Overall, I recommend Lisa Berne’s latest historical romance novel to all.

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