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Q: When did you begin writing stories?

My imagination has run wild with stories since I was a little girl, but it wasn’t until 2010 that I had the confidence to begin writing them down.

Q: When did you publish your first novel?

September, 2012.

Q: How many books have you published so far?


Q: Using only three words, how would you describe your writing style?

Contemporary. Sensual. Fun.

Q: What genre do you write within? Why?

Urban fantasy is my favourite genre to read and to write. I’m especially drawn to stories where the supernatural walk among us. I think that’s because I would love to possess those supernatural abilities—oh, to be able to fly! And when supernatural beings are hidden within everyday society, then maybe—just maybe—they really exist. That feeling of possibility is what I want to create in my writing. It’s escapism, and we could all use a little more of that.

Q: What is your advice for aspiring writers in your genre?

Write what you love because writing takes endurance. You’ll need to love what you’re writing to push through the inevitable difficult patches. And don’t wait for a big idea or the whole story. Write that one scene that is stuck in your mind or create that one character. You’ll be surprised how that simple act will spur your creativity.

Q: Which book is your latest novel? Can you share with us, readers, what it’s about? 

Wings of Prey is my latest novel. It’s the sixth and final instalment of The Gift Legacy. At this stage of the series, the protagonist, Emelynn Taylor, has grown into the strong, independent woman she was always meant to be. But she isn’t without weaknesses, and one of her biggest is the grief she still feels for the loss of her father, who died in a plane crash when she was just twelve years of age. So when she learns that the crash wasn’t an accident, and that someone she’s come to love is responsible, she is deeply wounded. To avenge her father, Emelynn sets out on a collision course with two titans and a battle she can’t possibly win.

Q: Which of your books was the hardest to write? 

Secret Sky was by far the most difficult to write. It was my first full-length novel, and I had much to learn about the craft of writing. This book went through more re-writes, beta-reads, and edits than any of the others. 

Q: Do you have any new projects coming out soon? If so, what are they?

Yes! My new project is a book titled Blood Mark. It’s the story of a young woman who bears a chain of scarlet birthmarks. She is thrilled when, one by one, the disfiguring marks begin to disappear—until she learns that the hated marks protect her from a mysterious and homicidal enemy. Now, she is in a race against time to find this dangerous enemy before her last mark vanishes.

I’m currently querying agents for representation, but failing that, I will indie publish it in 2021.

Q: How would you describe your main protagonist, Emelynn Taylor? 

When we first meet Emelynn, she is withdrawn and guarded. Though she is twenty-two years old, in many respects she is naïve and immature. Her life has been defined by a stranger’s debilitating and unpredictable gift, and her personality and freedom have been stymied by the effort to keep the gift a secret. 

But over the course of Secret Sky, and then throughout The Gift Legacy series, she blossoms into a confident, strong woman. She works hard to gain the physical and mental strength she needs to master her gift, to overcome heart-wrenching obstacles, and she repeatedly risks her life to protect the people she loves. More importantly, she learns to have fun, to trust, and to forgive. She is definitely someone I’d want for a friend, or at least someone I’d want in my corner.

Q: Where can readers find you and your books online? 

My books are available at all the usual outlets. Readers can find me at, where they’ll also find my social media links, as well as access to free short stories and insider scoop. I look forward to connecting!


The stunning debut of The Gift Legacy Series

By critically acclaimed Supernatural Thriller Author

J.P. Mclean

Published and released by Windstorm Press 

The book is available worldwide, in digital and print across all platforms!

The first book in The Gift Legacy seriesSecret Sky is a thriller that skirts the edges of reality in a world within our own. Buckle up and escape the ordinary: take flight with Emelynn Taylor.

(Secret Sky was previously published as The Gift: Awakening)

AMAZON.CA:  Secret Sky: McLean, JP: Books

AMAZON.COM: Secret Sky (The Gift Legacy Book 1) eBook: McLean, JP: Kindle Store

Praise for Secret Sky:

A thoroughly enjoyable read.
—Island Gals Magazine

Fun . . . sensual, full of adventure.
—Bill Engleson, author of Like a Child to Home

Kept me turning the page.
—Diana Stevan, author of A Cry from the Deep

It’s gentle and lyric, and it’s dark and hard.
—J.F. Kaufmann, author of the Langaer Chronicles

Other Books in The Gift Legacy Series:




About J.P. Mclean

Jo-Anne holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business, is a certified scuba diver, an avid gardener, and a voracious reader. She had a successful career in Human Resources before turning her attention to writing.

JP lives on Denman Island, nestled between the coast of British Columbia and Vancouver Island. Raised in Toronto, Ontario, JP has lived in various parts of North America from Mexico and Arizona to Alberta and Ontario before settling on Canada’s west coast.

You can reach her through her website at

To request additional review copies or an interview with J.P. Mclean, please contact Mickey Mikkelson at Creative Edge Publicity: / 403.464.6925.  We look forward to the coverage!

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