Review: Secret Sky

Secret Sky (The Gift Legacy, #1)


An intrepid young woman. An incredible gift. A terrible price to pay.

Emelynn Taylor’s gift didn’t come wrapped in pretty paper and tied with a bow, nor can it ever be returned. Now, it’s taken over her life. It strikes without warning, strips her of gravity and sends her airborne, unchecked.

Haunted by terrifying flights she can’t control, Emelynn vows to take command of her dangerous gift. She returns to the seaside cottage where it all began. Here, she discovers an underground society whose members share her hidden ability, and a man who sends her heart soaring.

But the deeper Emelynn gets pulled into this secret society, the more she questions their motives. Are they using the gift for good or for evil? Unravelling the truth will plunge Emelynn into a fight for her freedom—and her life.

The first book in The Gift Legacy series, Secret Sky is a thriller that skirts the edges of reality in a world within our own. Buckle up and escape the ordinary: take flight with Emelynn Taylor.

(Secret Sky was previously published as The Gift: Awakening)

Rating: 5-stars


Secret Sky by JP Mclean is an interesting tale. A slow build that readers do not want to miss. I enjoyed the characters, especially, Em. She is the main protagonist. This special character has a gift. A gift that needs to be learned. Em goes about searching for those who can help her with her gift. From there things have spiraled out of control. Danger, suspense, and mystery all bundled into one perfect read. There are elements of paranormal, fantasy, and a tiny itty bit of romance too. The plot is well-crafted. I liked the clues and the twists featured in this novel. Secret Sky is the first in a new addictive series. I cannot wait to follow Em on all of her adventures. Overall, I recommend it to all who enjoy the good versus evil theme.

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