Review: A Mother’s Promise

A Mother's Promise


Based on the true story behind a landmark U.S. Supreme Court Decision, K.D. Alden’s debut is a rich and moving story of one woman’s courage and strength at a pivotal point in America’s history.

Virginia, 1927. A chance to have a family. That’s all Ruth Ann Riley wants. But because she was unwed and pregnant, she was sent away and her baby given to another woman. Now they’re trying to take Ruth Ann’s right to have another child. But she can’t stand the thought of never seeing little Annabel’s face again, never snuggling up to her warmth or watching her blue eyes crinkle with laughter. Good thing she has a plan.

All the rich and fancy folks may call her feeble-minded, but Ruth Ann is smarter than any of them have bargained for. Because no matter how high the odds are stacked against her, she is going to overcome the scandals in her past and get her child back—and along the way, she just may find unexpected friendships and the possibility of love in the most unlikely of places. 

Rating: 5-stars


A Mother’s Promise by K.D. Alden is a heartbreaking historical read. The story is based off a true story but varies from the true version. The writer wanted a happier ending than what the original woman experienced. The tale none the less is sad, terrifying, and realistic. I found myself rooting for the young girl turned grown woman who faced every obstacle life gave her. From her father’s passing to her mother’s way of life, to being targeted by society as property versus a human being. Once you are deemed in the state’s hands, you become property of the state. The state in this tale and in the real one won. The targeted individuals involved never won over the grief and terrible mishandling by the state. Women who were poor and uneducated were deemed a problem of the state. The state took in the women and saw to their well-being. However, they went to the extreme in these cases. They took away the simple rights of these uneducated and poorer folk. I was just as angry and sad as the protagonists in this book. I wanted to fight the doctor, lawyers, and state that did what the did to these poor women and some men. Overall, this novel was well-written and so believable. I became heavily invested and was shocked that the true version of this tale was worse. This was my first read by K.D. Alden and I look forward to reading more books by her in the future. A Mother’s Promise just became a new classic that all readers should have on their shelves.

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