Review: Someday My Duke Will Come

Someday My Duke Will Come (Isle of Synne, #2)


A fake engagement becomes the real thing in the next book in the series New York Times bestselling author Grace Burrowes calls “first-rate Regency fun!”

Lady Clara Ashford’s world changed fifteen years ago at the hands of a rogue who took her innocence. Determined never to give into temptation again, she settles into a life as caregiver for her family. With her younger sister recently engaged and about to embark on a life of her own, Clara feels adrift and without purpose―until Quincy, the new Duke of Reigate, arrives on her doorstep in need of a fake fiancée.

When Quincy Nesbitt unexpectedly inherits a dukedom, he’s determined to do his best by the title. One thing he won’t do? Marry a woman he’s never met just because she was engaged to his older brother. So, he enlists Lady Clara’s help, since he can’t marry another when he’s engaged to her. But as they pretend for the ton, Quincy finds himself falling for real. Now, he just has to convince Lady Clara to take a chance on him. 

Rating: 5-stars


Someday My Duke will Come by Christina Britton is a satisfying historical romance. I immediately loved meeting Lady Clara and her Duke, Quincy. Together they make a fine pair. However, neither is looking for marriage and are being hound about tying the knot to people they don’t even like. Lady Clara’s aunt is set on matchmaking for her. Quincy’s no good mother, the Duchess, is set on setting him up with his late brother’s fiancée. However, the young woman is nothing but a timid girl that his mother will use to rule over him. Quincy not wanting to be the Duke anyway, simply tells his mother and the young woman, no. His mother won’t give up and neither will Quincy. At one such meeting, Lady Clara rises to defend Quincy by implying they are engaged. Not thinking about the consequences, both will have to go through the farce. Only both of them have already started to like each other far more than a friendly manner. As they go about pretending, their relationship becomes more complicated. The Duchess is set on finding Lady Clara’s secret. A secret that could ruin and cause scandal to all the people she loves including Quincy. Quincy has a family mystery to solve and that might upend his plans too. These protagonists must find their own strength and bravery to face their demons or else be swallowed by them. Love and danger thickens as the pages turn. I fell in love with the read. It was fast-paced, engaging, and hilarious too.

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