Review: Going Cowboy Crazy

Going Cowboy Crazy (Deep in the Heart of Texas, #1)



Faith Aldridge wants answers. Bramble, Texas is the only place she can find them . . . as well as Hope, the identical twin sister she never knew she had. But the townsfolk reckon that shy city-girl Faith is really her long-lost sister Hope, back in Bramble at last. And they’re fixin’ to do whatever it takes to heat things up between her and Hope’s long-time flame, Slate Calhoun. If that means rustling her car, spreading rumors like wildfire, and reining in some explosive secrets, well, there’s no way like the Lone Star way . . .
But Slate’s no fool. The woman in his truck may look like Hope, yet the way she feels in his arms is altogether new. He’s determined to keep this twin in his bed and out of his heart. Trouble is, the real Hope is headed home, and she’s got her own designs on Slate. If Faith wants to avoid heartbreak, she’ll have to show a certain ruggedly handsome cowboy that this crazy-impossible love is worth fighting for.

Rating: 5-stars


Going Cowboy Crazy by Katie Lane is a hilarious hot cowboy romance. It’s fun, flirty, and full of action. Trouble comes to both protagonists. Faith’s mom died telling her a secret. She has a twin sister. Now, Faith is wanting to find her twin. Faith tracks her twin down to a rural redneck town. Only everyone there thinks she’s Hope. Hope is her twin. A sister that is more outgoing, cussing, and takes no crap from anyone. Faith is more the safe, studious, and good daughter. However, rising to a challenge by a hot redneck leads her to more trouble than she ever expected. Slate has a lot on his plate. He’s a coach of the football team and his new quarterback reminds him so much of himself at that age. The kid is a handful. I liked the teenage boy. He was smarter than Slate and can throw a punch better than the grownups. Austin is charming, cocky, and a good kid trying to survive the hellhole his parents put him into…Austin likes Faith. Faith is the cool adult who gets him. Unlike his coach, Slate. Then there’s the town that thinks Faith is Hope and they’re planning a wedding for the couple. Yet, Faith isn’t who they think she is, only her birth mother recognizes her, and Slate is getting harder to not love so much. The characters are realistic, quirky, and charming. I could not get enough of this town full of crazy yet good people. I was rooting all the way for the heroes. Overall, this is one contemporary romance readers do not want to miss!

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