Review: When We Were Young

When We Were Young


Three generations of women come together in this page-turning debut full of family secrets, heart-wrenching drama, and the promise of second chances.

Corfu, 1942: To sixteen-year-old Sarah Batis, the Nazis are a distant danger—of far greater threat is the opposing needs of her heart and her people. Tradition demands that Sarah marry a Jewish man. Only Sarah has fallen in love with a fisherman outside their community. And when the Nazis invade, Sarah must watch from afar as her family is taken away. . .

Corfu, 2004: Sarah’s daughter, Bea, has built a happy life with a steadfast husband and two independent daughters. Their summers on the Greek island with the Winn family appear idyllic, especially the love that blossoms between Bea’s daughter Joey and Leo Winn. But there is a secret threatening their beach paradise.

Florida, 2019:Joey is only days away from marrying the nice Jewish man her family adores. The arrival of Leo, Joey’s first love, sends her reeling. Even after fifteen years, the attraction between them burns bright—but Leo isn’t looking for a happy reunion. He’s there to reveal why he really broke up with her during their last summer together.

Weddings have a way of bringing out the best—and worst—in those you love the most. And as the revelations of her family flood to the surface, what Joey learns will either bring them closer together . . . or tear them apart forever. 

Rating: 5-stars


When We Were Young by Jaclyn Goldis is a heartbreaking tale that crosses over three generations. Three women have loved and loss during their lifetime. Life brought them choices and they dealt with them the best they could. A grandma who never forgot her first love. He reached out to her after so many years and she just replied back to him. Only she doesn’t get the best news. Her daughter never got over her first love either. She wrote him letters only those never got to him and she thought he didn’t love her. Later she learns, her love life was manipulated by another man who loves her. Then, there’s her daughter, Joey. Joey is the central figure in this story. It’s what happens to her that has a rippled effect on her family and love life. Once again, a first love, was ruined in the past but has the chance to be something, if she’s willing. All three women’s love lives have affected their family unit. A mom who made poor choices, a grandma who felt pain and reacted the best she could, and a granddaughter, is struggling to find exactly what she wants. Hanging by a thread is how these women feel their lives are going…yet they all support each other and try to remain strong. Yet secrets are released, and the truth is blurted out, all hell breaks loose. I loved this addictive book. The characters had a way of keeping me in their story. I was rooting for Joey and Leo the entire time. The ending was so sad…

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