Review: Blink of an Eye

Blink of an Eye (Kendra Michaels #8)


A #1 New York Times bestselling author and an Edgar Award winner team up to deliver this gripping new novel featuring investigator Kendra Michaels—whose observational skills are worthy of a modern-day Sherlock Holmes.

Delilah Winter is one of the hottest pop stars on the planet, so how in the world was she kidnapped right in the middle of a show at the famous Hollywood Bowl? If anyone can figure it out, it’s Dr. Kendra Michaels, who works with local and federal authorities on only the most impossible cases. Blind for the first twenty years of her life until a revolutionary surgical procedure allowed her to regain her sight, Kendra uses her powers of observation—honed during her years in the dark—to detect what other investigators don’t. She agrees to lead the race to rescue the young singer before time runs out.

Joined by Jessie Mercado, the singer’s former bodyguard and a military hero, Kendra closes in on the hideout location but not before casualties mount up. Desperate for leads, Kendra must set aside her personal feelings when agent-for-hire Adam Lynch also volunteers his special skills to aid in the search.

But as the abductor’s true purpose becomes clear, the trio uncover a plot they never could have imagined—leading to a showdown they won’t soon forget.

Rating: 5-stars


Blink of an Eye by Iris Johansen has suspense, drama, and action. The characters are diverse. I enjoy the way Iris Johansen creates her characters into three-dimensional beings. Their emotions, fears, and personalities make them more real than fiction. Once more, I got to meet my favorite character Kendra Michaels. She is the key player. Once more, I was taken into a deadly mystery where Kendra helps again. I loved how no matter how long it’s been since reading the previous book, that I still remembered part of the last book. It continues from the last one and at the same has it’s own mystery case to solve. Dark, intense, and dangerous-Blink of an Eye is a must read thriller. It contains all the elements suspense fans need. It also has a bit of romance to it as well. Overall, this novel was well-written.

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