Review: Seeing Darkness

Seeing Darkness (Krewe of Hunters #30)


She’s being murdered.

It was supposed to be a fun girls’ weekend in Salem, but when a past-life regression session instead sends a terrifying vision of murder to Kylie Connelly, she’s shaken and doesn’t know what to think. Worse, later she identifies the attacker from her vision: he’s a prominent local politician.

Special Agent Jon Dickson of the FBI’s Krewe of Hunters is on the trail of a suspected serial killer based on the scantest of clues and unreliable witness testimony. When he realizes Kylie’s vision might be his best lead, he must gain her trust and get close enough to guide her new talent. Though she doubts herself, the danger Kylie sees is all too real—and the pair will have to navigate a murderer’s twisted passions and deceptions to stop the killer from claiming another victim.

Rating: 5-stars


Seeing Darkness by Heather Graham is the best supernatural suspense novel. This is the thirtieth novel in the series and I keep praying that Heather Graham will bless me with more reads in this series. I have read every book in this Krewe Hunter series. I did not manage to read them in order and I was still able to follow along. As with all her previous books, this one had the elements of suspense, drama, and romance all in one stunning package. There’s also the dark intense moments where it can/is deadly and where I know something bigger is going to happen any second…Heather Graham never disappoints. I am always awarded. Her writing is superb. I am so engaged in this book, I cry when I finish the last page. Then, I look to see if there’s another book coming out and when. Yep, the Krewe Hunter series is that addictive. I dare you, to pick up any of the books, and you too will be sucked into a whole new world. One that will leave you begging for more…

The adventure begins. A young woman is faced with unusual insight. It scares the hell out of her at first. But as she comes to a member of the Krewe, an elite FBI group, she begins to feel sane again. However, her insight leaves her wanting to solve the case or else constantly look behind back. But despite the weirdness there’s one or more serial killers out there and she may be their next target. Regardless of them knowing if she knows enough or not, the woman is in trouble. The Krewe FBI agent knows she knows more to his case and he senses she’s special, just like him. Together they work on solving the case. But no matter how much they are prepared for the worse it’s never an easy feeling knowing they could lose each other.

Talk about suspense! I loved this book and I cannot recommend it enough.

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