Review: Dream a Little Dream

Dream a Little Dream (Sunshine Valley #3)


A small-town judge meets her match in a rodeo star troublemaker, but soon they may both end up targets of the town’s matchmakers in this delightful and heartwarming tale of romance.

Darcy Jones Harper is thrilled to have finally shed her reputation as the girl from the wrong side of the tracks. The people of Sunshine Valley have to respect her now that she’s the new town judge. But when the bad boy who broke her heart back in high school shows up in her courtroom, she realizes maybe things haven’t changed so much after all . . . because her pulse still races at the sight of him.

Jason Petrie wants to make amends for the mistakes of his youth—starting with the woman he never stopped loving. Darcy may not believe that he really intends to quit the bull riding circuit and stick around this time but Jason vows—with the help of the matchmaking Widows Club—to pull out all the stops to convince her that they both deserve a second chance. 

Rating: 4-stars


Dream a Little Dream by Melinda Curtis is a heartfelt read. It shows how an older divorced man asked a younger woman to marry him. He wanted to give her the world. In a way, he did. He helped her move forward in her law career. Darcy is wanting to become a judge one day. She works hard and is determined to do what’s right. However, the old judge, her mentor, and husband, passed away. He leaves a surprise for her and before she knows it, she’s accepting the temporary judge position in a town she wants to leave. Side tracked from leaving, Darcy fills the role. Only life proved a little bit more complicated. A former love, is back in town and sets her heart beating fast. They have instant attraction. But proving to Darcy that they can be a couple will be hard. She just lost one man she loved, can she risk being hurt again? Overall, this novel was good. I loved the older matchmaker group. They made this novel hilarious.

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