Review: Secret Legacy

Secret Legacy (The Windhaven Witches, #1)


A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES meets LOCKE & KEY in this completed new adult series!
I always wanted supernatural powers.

The day I got my acceptance letter from the Windhaven Academy, I knew my life was about to change – BIG TIME. I expected to find out I could phase through walls or control people with my mind. But what I became was far more complicated than I ever imagined.

You see, I come from a long line of witches with incredible power that spans centuries.

I just didn’t know it.

But unleashing my powers is just the beginning. There are forces bigger than anything I ever imagined… and they’re coming for me.

Sure, Windhaven Academy is a school for supernaturals.

But what I am will provoke an ancient curse that will pit me against fate.

And now, no one is safe.

*PLEASE BE ADVISED: This is a YA+ Academy series with a fast-paced romance featuring a resourceful, but flawed heroine. It’s labeled YA(+) for stronger language and some mature situations. As the heroine ages and grows, so does the content of the stories.* 

Rating: 4-stars


Secret Legacy by Carissa Andrews is a great YA paranormal novel. It’s dark, intense, and deadly. There is so much weighing on the future events. The main character plays a huge roll in what will happen and while her journey is just beginning so is the epic adventure of a lifetime. The teenage characteristics were captured perfectly. The main character was believable. The writing was good. Overall, it was enjoyable to read.

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